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Dianne Sullivan

Dianne was born and raised in Belleville, New Jersey, just outside the shadow of New York City. Her father, an Army veteran and mathematics professor and mother, an administrative assistant; provided her with the inspiration to pursue learning the Law.

Receiving a full scholarship to Seton Hall University, Dianne earned her Bachelor’s Degree, with honors, in Social and Behavioral Sciences and spent her first year studying law at Seton Hall. Moving to Phoenix before her final year, Arizona State University Law School is where she finished up her law degree, fulfilling her childhood dream to serve her community.

Dianne first began her law career in the City Prosecutors office, in Phoenix as an assistant prosecuting attorney. While serving the city, she successfully prosecuted domestic violence offenders, along with DUI and other misdemeanor cases.

Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
Arizona State University

Dianne Sullivan

Certified Mediator

Phoenix, Arizona

May 15-19, 2023