Firm Operations & Client Coordinator - Jen Ward

Jen Ward

Firm Operations & Client Coordinator

One word that describes Jen Ward’s personality? Magnetic! When Jen joined Sullivan Law Office, we knew our clients, staff, and attorneys alike would be drawn to her special sparkle. Genuinely kind, Jen has a talent for helping others and an understandingly supportive presence that makes her well-suited to her role as client coordinator. 

Clients under stress welcome assistance from someone they can relate to and someone who listens. Jen cares deeply about each client’s challenges and unique circumstances. She is wholly dedicated to providing the superior representation that Sullivan Law Office is known for. Jen’s positive energy and passion for her work shines through in her client interactions. She takes time to get to know each and every client of Sullivan Law Office.  Through empathy, compassion, sincerity (and a lot of behind-the-scenes hard work), she encourages clients and helps make a complicated legal process easier for them. 

Sullivan Law Office|Operations – Jen Ward

Jen’s empathy and natural ability to understand and connect with people are just a few things that make her an invaluable part of the Sullivan Law Office team. Her professionalism and client-centered approach to customer service has earned her widespread respect among colleagues and clients. An avid learner, Jen continually seeks new ways to improve how she serves clients. 

In her off time, Jen enjoys travelling the world with her husband of nearly 30 years, who is also a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran! They have four successful children and 5 grandchildren; one of which is the reigning Navajo County Princess! 

In all areas of life, she is unwaveringly determined to do what’s right no matter the cost or difficulty involved. Thanks to this commitment, Jen has become one of the most dependable staff members at Sullivan Law Office.