Contemplating Divorce? Here’s Ten Things You Need To Do ASAP

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Contemplating Divorce? Here’s Ten Things You Need To Do ASAP

for you is usually at the end of a long road. 

People in long-term marriages usually find there is a time span of two to five years between starting to consider divorce as an option and ultimately deciding it’s the right choice for you. 

Take that in-between time and use it to your advantage by educating yourself with facts about your life and taking action to help your transition be easier.

Divorce is both a legal and an emotional process. 
If considering divorce in the near future, here are 10 Things To Do ASAP:

  1. Consider Therapy
    Consider individual therapy to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings, and begin to process through what will be a major life event.

  2. Get A Credit Card In Your Name
    If all of your credit cards are joint, make sure to apply for a credit card just in your name, to ensure your access to credit during the divorce process, whether it be for living expenses, medical and therapy costs, or legal fees.

  3. Open A Checking and/or Savings Account In Your Name
    Start saving money for a divorce like you would for any other major life event (vacation, retirement, college, car, etc.)

  4. Work on a New Budget
    Figure out exactly how much money you have coming in and going out every month. Be specific, and don’t forget to add in annual expenses, such as deductibles, insurance premiums, etc.  Being prepared and aware of your financial reality is critical when planning for your next chapter. 

    Our customizable Monthly Budget Calculator walks you through every possible expense to consider and does the math for you!

  5. Assess Any/All Debts
    If you, your spouse or jointly have debts take that into consideration. In Arizona, any debt acquired during the marriage is usually considered community, and divided equally in the final divorce decree. 

  6. Assess Your Retirement & College Savings Accounts
    Get copies of all retirement accounts you and your spouse have, including Pensions, 401K, IRA’s, and 529’s established for your children, if any.

  7. Get Copies Of All Joint & Individual Account Statement
    If you and/or your spouse have ever applied for a loan or mortgage, those applications contain a detailed listings of all accounts you both have. If you don’t have any loan applications, start contacting any financial institutions where either of you have an accounts with and request copies of statements. This What To Gather worksheet can help you keep track of all of your essential documents and statements.

  8. Figure Out Where You’ll Want To Reside Post-Divorce
    Do you want to stay where you currently live? Make sure you’re in a position to do so financially before committing to that thought. If you’ll be moving to a new home, condo, or apartment, start researching the costs those entail (rent/deposits/utilities/etc.) and factor those costs into your budget.

  9. If You’re A Stay At Home Parent, Start Looking For Jobs
    Divorce brings big financial changes. Looking for work early will help eliminate anxiety and empower you to take control of your financial future.

    Taking action sooner than later puts you in the position to navigate the changes divorce with clarity and confidence.

  10. Consult A Divorce Attorney
    Even if you’re just thinking about the possibility of divorce, getting information on what the realities of divorce mean for you is empowering and helpful. Feel free to contact our office to set up a case planning and strategy session!


Prepare in advance of your session helps to ensure you get all your questions answered. During our session we’ll walk through where you are in the process, what our focus will be on your prep plan, and assess if working together is the right choice for you.

Divorce is hard. Preparing for one doesn’t have to be.